Blightstat Portal

What is Blightstat

BlightStat is the innovative new online tool that lets citizens pulls up-to-date property information directly from the City’s official records, providing a single, comprehensive and authoritative view to the public for the very first time. BlightStatus uses a number of features intended to make it as useful as possible to citizens and residents of New Orleans.
Search by specific address or view a street or neighborhood
  • Find the status bar of any property with a Code Enforcement record to instantly see where that property stands in the blight process – and what’s coming next.
  • Get detailed case history for a step-by-step description of what’s happened so far, and when.
  • Receive alerts on the go, via email or text message the moment the status changes on properties you care about. Subscribe to one property, a whole block, or your entire neighborhood, and you’ll always be in the know.

Blightstat Progress and Analysis
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